A Dream

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
A Dream

I had a dream about you last night.

I was alone in the night, in the dark hooded basement of my carnal world. All I had were the creature comforts of the soft embroidered pillows you had left for me to lie in. And so I lay, waiting for you to come to me, in the soft, sensuous, perfumed underworld of my mind.

And then, there you were. You emerged from the shadows, stepping into the pool of moonlight streaming through to the center. You walked with a slow sexual strut, your skin bare to my eyes, illuminated in the pale blue glow, your eyes burning with a cool lust, your lips slightly parted in longing. Your soft, rich hair cradled your long neck and rolled over your shoulders like a stream, down to your shapely breasts, nipples erect, aching to be held in strong, tender hands. And I saw the curving small of your back and the thin tightness of your abs, swaying back and forth with your round, womanly hips, which seemed to take on a bend of their own. Then your legs, long and elegant, stretching down, down, down to the cushioned floor of my carnal mind.

Looking at you, tenderly nude, swaying before me in the cool blue-white light of the night, I felt a smoldering passion grow inside of me. I felt a burning red, passionate longing, to take you in my arms and feel you with my body, to take those supple limbs and ravage them in the heat of my passion for your lusty sex. But before I could leap on your body like a mad animal, my dream took a more perverse turn, and from the darkness you had come, three other men, tall, well built and virile in their sexuality emerged. They stood in the dimly lit darkness around you, naked, with their long throbbing manhood pointing in towards you, who now ceased your seductive dancing and kneeled before the three. You looked right into my eyes, with an even greater temptatious desire, but I could not move from my cushioned seat and I watched on with a mix of both growing lust and envy.

I then watched you make love to those three men like a woman had never made love to a man before. Your mouth found its way to their engorged pricks, but they could not have ever known or expected the tenderness with which your tongue caressed their tips, the affection with which your hands massaged their balls or the rawness with which your lips sucked their shafts. I knew they could never know, because they could not look, their heads were raised to the ceiling as they moaned and groaned in ecstatic delight, but you were looking elsewhere. Your eyes stayed with mine the entire time; even as your arms wrapped around their bodies, fingers streaming along their muscles, feeling their thighs, their anuses, you continued to look right into my eyes. Even as they could not withhold themselves from your brilliant pleasuring anymore, and with three manly shudders let forth their viscous white all over your moonlit body, you looked at me, with a slight mysterious smile shining from your face.

The three men receded back into the dark, their dicks satisfied. But I was not, watching the orgy I had grown only the more lustful, my body felt like it was on fire, the blood rushed to my cock, filling it with an unbelievable throbbing heat. But I could not move, not yet, I smelt the dark perfumed air wafting through the erotic sanctum of my mind. We stared at each other for sometime, though it seems unclear just how long it was in that ambiguous dream world. Then you lifted yourself from your kneeling position and began to walk over to me, with the same slow sensuous step you had emerged from the shadows, you walked over to me, the moonlight following your trail. You stood right over me, moon-bathed and beautiful, the seminal fluid shimmering on your body, looking down on my burning hot form, I felt myself now naked in your presence, unclothed, I felt the air against my skin and the sense of your body near to mine. You leaned over me, slowly, but assure of your sexuality, I felt your bare breasts touch my chest, your legs against mine and then your lips reached over to my ear and whispered:

"Lick me clean."

With your words I felt myself slowly being able to move, my hands reaching over felt your shoulders, your skin was softly-warm, and felt good in my passionately smoldering palms. But then I saw the gooey, white semen that covered you head to toe; and so, slowly moving out of my seat, I wrapped my hands around your ankles, and slowly massaging them, I leant forward with my tongue and began to lick away the sticky liquid. I spent sometime working my way around your , eliciting some laughter with the slight of your little toes. Then I worked my way up your beautiful body, up along your shins until my tongue caressed your long defined thighs, and getting closer and closer to those inside, hidden bits.

And finally I reached your lovely , it was so warm and soft, I began to nuzzle my face into it, making you moan, just so slightly in the dark. I now could not resist, but begin to grope at the lovely figure of your legs with my hands, I felt the soft shape of the inside of your thighs and reached up to your ass, which as I squeezed, made you squeal and your body squirm with almost girlish naughtiness. My tongue continued to lick at the thick semen that dribbled down your body and at the electrifying bulb of your clit, I heard you moan with a new intense passion and I looked up to see your eyes looking down into mine drenched in desire.

I moved up your abdomen, my hands fondling the curves of your voluptuous hips. Now I was on knees before you, your arms draped around my neck and shoulders, cradling me to your body my arms wrapped around the dip of your lower back. But I wanted more, and I raised myself further toward your chest, and the two supremely ample breasts that proceeded from it. I felt my passion growing, faster, I worked my tongue around your hardened nipples, massaging, kneading your voluptuous mounds in my hands, I felt your hand run through my hair, your breathing grew courser and your torso began to heave in rhythmic motion. Now standing, our hot, aroused bodies pressed to each other, I came to your shoulders, my head buried in your neck, still licking the warm real forced anal against her will semen from you. Your hands ran up and down my back, feeling and kneading my firm muscles as I felt the suppleness of your body.

Then, I came to your face, my lips and tongue moved about your delicate features, along your cheeks, forehead, nose, wiping away the last traces of semen. Finally, our mouths locked in a kiss, so passionate our bodies became intertwined, your leg wrapping over me, my arm clinging to you. The moonlight over us grew stronger, and threw a beautiful contrasting white light over the forms of our bodies.

We stood like this for another fleetingly eternal moment, obsessively kissing and groping each other in the bright white shine of the moon, amidst the thick darkness of that erotic cellar.

But then I could no longer hold back my cravings, I whispered to you fervently, straining to hold my voice back:

"I want to be with you. I want to feel myself inside you. I want to enter you and become your body."

Your eyes, shining brilliantly in the moonlight, peered into me searchingly. And with the slightest of nods and mischievous smile you stepped back, hands at your sides, looking at me with girlish anticipation for my hot throbbing cock pointing out in front. I took one look at you, top to bottom, having now watched you, felt you, licked your whole body, I now pounced on you with animalistic craving. We fell to the ground in a tizzy of lust-crazed zeal, we playfully wrestled for sometime on the cushioned floor, laughing and rolling around childishly. Until I, no longer able to contain myself pushed your roughly breathing, long beautiful body under mine and forced your legs apart.

At that moment, the moon flooded the whole of the room in a strong white light. Everything was in bright white or deeply shadowed black, you, me, the pillows and cushions we rolled through; the whole basement was in pure illumination.

I looked down into your half-smiling, half-wary face and held you in place with my hands. Then, I entered you. My cock, hard and throbbing with heat slid smoothly into your tight, warm pussy. Our bodies were conjoined in a new harmony and I felt a strong, powerful sense of euphoria. You moaned loudly under me, eyes closed, mouth open, your back arched in elation. We began to move our hips in rhythmic unison, to the loud thumping noise of our flesh, my balls beating up against your body, your breasts swaying back and forth underneath me, our united heavy breathing, your squeezing my cock as it rammed its way up and down, up and down inside of you.

Suddenly, you twisted your body and rolling us along the floor, you lay on top of me, looking down into my eyes. You then you sat up above me, on top of my cock and began to moan and groan as your hips gyrated and grinded against me. I felt ecstatic underneath you and groped at your erect form from below with my hands, clutching your bouncing breasts and slapping your unruly ass. You laughed and continued to pump my cock with your body, I moved my hand down to your clit and began to rub it between by thumb and forefinger. You gave out a long "oooh," throwing your head back, your hair flying, I kept rubbing, using my whole hand working your g-spot.

At this point, the moonlight grew stronger than ever, it flooded the whole room with a pure, blindingly bright, white light that felt cool on our burning hot skin. I felt a massive tremor run through my whole body, blood rushing up through my legs until it reached a tremendous, unbelievable and I let go all my sexual energy into your warm, womanly body. My dick throbbed, pulsing harshly as it let go volumes of semen inside of you. You let out a loud groan of pleasure, as if too being lost in the moment's , and threw your torso forward so that our bodies lay together, conjoined in the lovemaking ritual.

As my orgasm slowly subsided, the moonlight grew dimmer and the raunchy illuminated world of my cerebral pleasure palace faded back to its dark subterranean state. I held your body on top of mine in my arms, feeling your warmth and your course, exhausted breath smoothening out to a gentle slumbering. I lay there with you until the dream began to fade away, and the basement in the moonlight, xnxxv sunny leone video you and I, all gradually disappeared. And when I awoke, there you were right next to me, your body curled around mine in the nude, knowing no greater comfort.