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Kelly had become the busiest girl at the Oral Olympics... but she was quite accustomed to being kept busy. In her hometown, she worked as a receptionist at a job-seeking agency, provided free blowjobs to all the males in the 5-story office building where she worked, AND worked as both an Escort and street whore. Was this girl addicted to money that she worked so hard? Not at all... what she WAS addicted to, was having countless nice hard cocks in her mouth. Her only reason for working at the job shop was to have a ’respectable job’ to tell her very conservative dad about... since her mom was thrilled with her being a professional slut.

In fact, most of the money Kelly made she sent home to her mom, who was saving it for retirement. No... it was not at all about the money.

Similarly, she had entered herself into the Oral Olympics not for glory or fame or endorsement money. She had entered it because she wanted to have 3 weeks of unbridled fun... and what better way for her to have fun than to drop to her knees and let her mouth and throat be royally fucked by hundreds upon hundreds of strange men of all shapes, sizes and ages!

At age 23, she’d entered into the Intermediate category... but this is how she’d gotten to be so busy. She’d once lived in Dallas. So she’d been particularly interested when she’d heard that a team of high-school teens from Dallas had shown up at the Olympics. Not only that, but their ’uniform’ was that of the very same Dallas cheerleaders that had revolutionized the football world and cheerleading industry. And so, on the very first day, she went looking for the girls wearing those classic skimpy white hot pants, blue blouses, white vests, white boots and belts and big blue stars. These uniforms apparently had been provided to them for free by the football team itself: all that these four girls and had to do was attend the team’s home games all year and kneel on the field to provide blowjobs to 50 randomly selected male fans each, working at centre field for one hour before the game, at half-time, and for about 2-3 hours afterwards as entertainment for the crowd, and continuing on the sidelines as the game itself was played. Rumour had it that all the REAL cheerleaders would join them on their knees after the game too, minus the few who, along with several /female/sexy-female/">sexy female reporters, ended up servicing the team in the locker room afterwards. The school’s principal had jumped at that opportunity for his girls to join in all this, recognizing not only what those uniforms might do for the girls in competition, but also the AMAZING public relations having them kneeling for fans at Cowboy games would be for the school. And the girls had jumped with excitement when told that, if they wanted, they could blow the team itself, including every player and every coach, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning throughout the pre-season, season and playoffs. Kelly couldn’t wait to talk to them about all their amazing good fortune.

But when she found them, she found that they were not so happy: there had only been four girls on the team, and one of them had just received news that her younger brother had been in a car accident and was in the hospital, so she had had to return to Dallas. He was going to be all right... just a broken leg and a few bruises... but she had to be home to help look after him, since her mom and dad both worked. This left the team one girl short.

’I used to live in Dallas,’ she told them, hopefully.


Now, she’d already entered into 9 different events in the Intermediate category, but she was willing to enter the team competition too, if they’d have her. The three other girls (Kristin, Debbie, and Addison) were delighted... but there was the question of her age. Since they were a Junior team, could she be a member at age 23? Fortunately, the Olympic rules committee hastily convened and decided that, since the Olympics were truly all about fun and good will more than anything else, it would be unthinkable not to let the Dallas team compete. They also recognized what a boon it would be to have a team of four Cowboy cheerleaders at all these events. And finally, though this was admittedly selfish of them, the males on the Rules Committee couldn’t resist seeing Kelly in those white hot pants. Unlike JoAnne, Kim and many of the teens in Juniors, Kelly had what you might call a shapely or ’full’ ass. NOT that she was fat! Not at all! Her waist was a trim 26 inches. And her legs were slim and shapely. But she had 36-inch breasts, 36-inch hips, and an ass that was soft, round, and utterly delectable in those tight black pants she decided to wear when she presented her case to the Rules Committee.

’So... you want to be in BOTH the Junior AND Intermediate categories?’ she was asked.

’Hmm hmmmm,’ she nodded, her own eyes peering up to look right into the eyes of all three judges she was sucking.

’As a solo competitor in Intermediates, and with the Dallas cheerleader team in Juniors?’

’Hmmm hmmmmm!’

’That means you’ll be in SIXTEEN different competitions, you realize.’

’Hmm hmmmm.’

’You’re sure you can handle this!’

’Hmm hmmmmmm!’ she nodded, fervently.

’Okay,’ the committee chairman said, suddenly driving his cock all the way down her throat to begin forcefully fucking it as the two other judges held her head firm.

’Hggggggggkkkkkkxxxxkkkxxxxkkkkkqqqqqqhhhhhh!’ she thanked them all.

And so it was that Kelly now was entered into an amazing 16 events... 9 as a single Intermediate, and 7 as member of the Dallas cheerleader team in the Juniors division. Of course, when she competed in Juniors, she couldn’t be awarded any individual medals... she’d have to be judged on her solo performance among the Intermediates; but her scores could be added to the Dallas team’s scores, and she’d be eligible for any and all team medals her team won.

So far in the competition, she’d competed in the Intermediate and Junior dog sprints and come 11th as a single and won bronze with her team; the Intermediate and Junior ass-to-mouth competitions, and come 6th and 4th; the team Oral Urinal competition and come 8th (the team had been in the running for a medal, with Kelly leading the way by swallowing the contents of 110 bladders over the 24 hours; but only having four girls, instead of five like everyone else, had cost them in the end as they tired); and the compulsory and short programs of the /cock/best-cock/">best cock-sucker competitions for both age groups as well. Today, she and her three teammates were all doing their Junior long programs, and she was again very hopeful for a medal of some kind. Tomorrow would be especially busy for her, as she would compete singly in the Oral Toilet Sprints in the morning, followed by her long program in the Intermediate Best Cock-sucker competition late afternoon.

And despite all this, she’d found time to suck cocks on a street corner in downtown Vancouver every evening so far, sometimes alone and dressed in tight black pants or jeans and spike heels; and sometimes with her team as a cheerleader. Needless to say, her mouth had been like most of the bathroom stalls on the Olympic grounds: continuously ’occupied’.


It was with three medals now - one gold, one silver and one bronze - that Kim Henry wandered over to the stadium where the Best Cock-Sucker event was still ongoing. It was now almost 5:30 in the late afternoon, and she’d been told that, being in first place, she was due to do her long program at about 9:30. Having just won silver in the 24-hour dog marathon, followed by blowing over 50 fans who’d watched her win, she now was ready to tackle this last stage of the BCS competition.

She’d already been back to the hotel to shower, change into pretty pink satin bikini panties, a nice yellow blouse, and those same grey pin-striped dress pants and black heels that she’d worn earlier in the competition, redo her make-up, and, once it had dried, comb out her long, silky blonde hair. Her mom and dad had both told her that they wanted her to look her best on prime time TV.

’The whole family will be watching,’ Mom reminded Kim, beaming with pride.

It turned out that Kim arrived at the stadium just after 7:00, in time to see the start of the second to last group. Interestingly, paired off on one of the two centre stages were Kim’s classmate, Stephanie, and Stacey Staples, who’d finished the round in 5th and 6th place, respectively. Meanwhile, Kelly, in her Dallas cheerleader uniform, was on the other stage with another one of those gorgeous Swedish blondes, whose name was Anike, the former having finished round #2 in 8th, and the latter in 7th. The announcer was having fun with the fact that Stacey remained in her store uniform (the red t-shirt and black pants from the office supply store).

’I guess she must work in Customer Services,’ he joked.

He also kidded about Stacey’s talented mouth maybe being the reason that computers had changed from floppy disks to external hard drives... ’She sure makes my floppy hard.’

And there was no way he couldn’t tell cheerleader and football jokes about Kelly... about her ’going deep’ and how she was ’now facing third and long’; and, of course, how could he not openly wonder which was wider: ’her belt or her hot pants.’ In those hot pants, Kelly’s shapely ass was devilishly enticing as she kneeled to service the three men crowded around her.

As for Stephanie and Anike, because they also were on teams, they had been instructed to come in at least some semblance of their team uniform. To comply, while still retaining her individuality, Stephanie elected to wear her dark blue school sweater with its green trim, along with tight white dress pants and black spike heels. Anike wore her team’s customary light blue sweater with yellow trim along with tight, dark blue, 5-pocket jeans, and spike heels as well. Both their asses looked scrumptious. In fact, all four asses were, in a word, AMAZING!

Kim was particularly interested in how well Stephanie looked and performed, because of the team competition to identify the Best Cock-Sucking School, in which St. Georges continued to do well. Thanks to Kim, Stephanie, Brooke and Katie, St. Georges continued to have a precarious hold on first place with 1159.9 points, with the Swedish team of Anike, Hanna, Elsa and Emma now in second with 1156.3. The Japanese team, Lockridge School from St. Louis, and the Dallas cheerleaders were in a dead heat for third place, with less than one point separating the three.

The Dallas team (Kelly, Kristin, Debbie and Addison) had done okay in the compulsories, though they’d never worked on horses before (odd, for girls from Texas), and it had cost them a bit. But they had really come on in the short program. Seeing those four girls kneeling in their miniscule white hot pants, wide white belts, skimpy blue tops, white vests, white cowboy boots and all those big blue stars had given every judge a hard-on (even the female judges had hardened clits) and made this Dallas team a serious threat, even to win gold. I mean, what heterosexual (or even gay) male wouldn’t just LOVE to pork the mouth of a Dallas cheerleader in uniform? In fact, their short program team score had been the second highest, after St. George’s, and only by 0.3 of a point. Yes, Kim knew that she, Stephanie, Brooke and Katie would all have to be at their best today.

Starting the day in 15th place, Katie had already gone. Wearing her blue and green school sweater, she’d otherwise gone for broke and worn just light blue satin bikini panties and black heels. Cheered on by Stephanie, Brooke and Ms. Anderson (who still was wearing nothing but a black bra, black panties, black heels, and a black dog collar with her wrists shackled behind her back), she put in her best effort, her eager mouth popping skilfully from cock to cock with each group of three men, sliding sensuously up and down the five horses, and opening wide for four very rambunctious dogs. Her /dad/mom-dad/mom-and-dad/">mom and dad (Principal Stanner) were especially proud of how she managed to suppress her gag reflex with the canines. As she kneeled at her father’s feet, quietly bobbing her head to and fro on him while waiting for her scores, he told her repeatedly how she’d done the entire school proud, regardless of what her scores were. Fortunately, the judges loved her, and gave her an overall 97.9% rating.

’I’ am’ so’ a’ maz’ ing’ly’ proud’ of ’ her!’ Mr. Stanner answered the swarm of reporters as he repeatedly and violently drove his cock down Katie’s happy throat.

Katie’s score had definitely been a boon for the team. But then three of the four Dallas cheerleaders had ’dropped to do 39’ (meaning 39 blowjobs) in the next group of 6, and their scores were 97.7%, 97.9% and 98.1%, with Kelly, the best cock-sucker among them so far, in the current round. And the long program scores were to be weighted triple the value of the first round, so Stephanie needed to really perform here: anything less than a 98.0% score would be a total disaster.

Watching Stephanie from the front row, Kim was quickly pushed down to her own knees by a fan several seats down, and she immediately had a line-up of her own. But she didn’t mind, so long as she could see.

’Hmmmm hmm hmm hmmmm!’ she cheered, boisterously.

Stephanie was, obviously, too busy to more than glance Kim’s way from time to time, so busy she was turning from one man to the next to the next to the next, trying to bring all three to climax at the same time. Unlike earlier competitions when the girls only blew one cock at a time, here, girls were permitted to use their hands, but only on the two cocks NOT in their mouth. Coordinating one’s hands and mouth was a trick. But all the girls from St. George’s had blown men in threes dozens and dozens of times before, so Stephanie had a pretty good rhythm down. The one danger was having a man cum in one’s hand, and not in one’s mouth, which would immediately result in a reduction in the girl’s final score. But Stephanie had learned to slow down the stroking as men got harder, so she just kept them hard and brought them no further. In addition, doing three men at once meant that she had to pump her mouth faster... no girl, other than JoAnne, could afford to be too slow and rhythmic. The key was to bring men to the brink of cumming two or three times before actually finishing them off. In that way, all three men were ready to pop at roughly the same time.

Looking for any advantage she could get, Stephanie had strategically worn baby blue satin bikini panties under her white dress pants, and had no rear pockets on those pants. In fact, all the girls who’d achieved the level of skill necessary to be in the running for a medal already knew the value of a /ass/nice-ass/">nice ass to any girl giving a blowjob, especially when expertly wrapped in nice tight jeans, shorts or pants, or just in nice panties. Interestingly, the Rules Committee had legislated that thongs were not allowed in the competition’ mostly because, though some might consider an almost bare ass somewhat too much, everyone felt comfortable seeing girls in full (bikini) panties. Girls like Kim, Stephanie and JoAnne knew to use that to full advantage, not just here at the Olympics, but every day. For years, the favourite part of any clothes shopping expedition for any of them was their stop at the satin shop to stock up on new panties.

What many may not know is that different colour panties show more or less well under white pants. Baby blue panties and, interestingly, white panties, show up the best. In baby blue panties, Stephanie’s panty-line was on full, wondrous display, especially when she started working on her first horse, because she had to really lean forward to access and then fully engulf the animal; and the judges all gave Steph an extra point or two for her obvious foresight. One trio of men later, Stephanie was on all fours to position her mouth at the perfect height for the black Labrador she was brought, and her panty-line was even MORE visible. As her throat was being pulvarized, she moved her bum slowly and sensuously to make sure that all the judges (and, of course, the camera crews) paid it due attention’ and this earned her even more points. Best yet, by the time Stephanie swallowed all the dog’s offerings (four, actually, it was so excited) and learned upright to face the next ’group of three’, they all had bone-hard erections from having watched her ass for the ten minutes she was with the canine. Her eyes twinkled knowingly as she peered up at the three men quickly gathering round, and then let her warm, soft mouth envelop the closest cock.

But Kim knew that Stephanie was still in a dogfight (no pun intended). ’Hmm hmmmmmm!’ she cheered her on. Because Stacey, the Dallas girl, and the Swedish girl all were hot on her heels.

Stacey Staples hadn’t actually sucked off many threesomes; but she’d sucked hundreds of duos; and so she felt comfortable working more than one cock at once. As her mouth popped from one man to another, she remembered what her boss at the office supply store had said: her mouth was ’one of the ten best places in the world for a cock to be.’ And so she worked her first trio confidently. Then, once they’d all dumped into her mouth, she carried that confidence into her performance on a huge, all-black stallion. As she mouthed this huge beast, she laughed inside, remembering how she’d once told her mom that what she wanted most for her 18th birthday was to suck a /dick/huge-dick/huge-black-dick/">huge black dick. Surely, her mom would be laughing now, if she remembered that comment of over a year ago.

In the office building where she worked, as an Escort and on the street, Kelly had often been called upon to blow three men synchronously, and she thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Popping her mouth from one to another, she felt so /cute/">cute in her hot pants and little vest, and so proud of how she knew her ass would appear. Her mom, heart-broken that she’d be unable to attend the Games to watch her /daughter/">daughter perform in person, had contacted a Vancouver porn producer and asked if he’d be willing to film Kelly, in exchange for free pictures and video coverage for Mom to enjoy. To entice him, she emailed him several pictures of Kelly working on her grandfather, and he had relented. He’d film Kelly in all her events and send Mom daily photos and videos, in exchange for the right to utilize Kelly’s material commercially... in movies and on the internet.

’That’s wonderful!’ Mom told him. ’It’ll be a little gift from me to Kelly for her upcoming birthday (in 4 months).’

And so it was that Kelly had her very own porn producer and camera crew following her night and day. And, fortunately for Kelly and her /mom/mom-porn/mom-and-porn/">mom and porn viewers everywhere, they’d all fallen in love with Kelly’s ass too. So the producer was constantly calling out instructions to Kelly. This was allowed because the girls all were allowed ’coaches’ and that was the designation given him. Most coaches, of course, were a relative, with at least 50% of them moms, as well as many dads, sisters, brothers, teammates, teachers and best friends. A few, like Kelly, had coaches who really knew a lot about blowjobs, from a professional standpoint’ like porn producers, professional whores, and porn stars who’d taken a personal interest in one girl or another. And they knew what assets their girl should highlight as they sucked. One of Kelly’s definitely was her ass, so the producer encouraged her to jut it out a little bit, whenever she could, to really show it off. She also tried to angle it, as much as possible, towards the judges, since a nice ass in hot pants was sure to add to the artistic merit of her performance.

Undoubtedly, the sweetest face of the four had to belong to the gorgeous little Swedish blonde named Anike. She was the smallest of the four Swedes, the others all at least 5 foot 6 (one of them 5 foot 10), where she stood but 5 foot 1. Her face was small and round. Her head was small; she even had a small ponytail, her hair just long enough to produce one maybe four inches long. She weighed 90 pounds, maybe. But her face was child-like, angelic’ the pale skin highlighting her breathtakingly beautiful big blue eyes and her light blonde hair. With a cock in her mouth, she was worthy of the finest painting painted by the world’s greatest painter’ she was THAT pretty. Watching her kneeling now, her heavenly face darting from one cock to the next amid her first group of three, it was hard not to hold one’s breath. And she, like so many of the best cock-suckers, had learned to suck at a relaxed pace... not seeming to want to bring her man to climax so much as enjoying the cock in her mouth and all its flavours and textures. Like JoAnne, like Kim, like Nadine... she didn’t suck so much as she savoured the cocks she blew.

Meanwhile, once she started in on her first horse, her gorgeous little ass rose to the occasion, since she wore skin-tight navy-blue 5-pocket stretch jeans and yellow heels to go with her baby blue and yellow team sweater. And, though seemingly tiny, her mouth and throat stretched incredibly to accommodate the horse’s enormous girth. It quickly became clear how she had managed to do so well so far.

Having Kelly’s flatteringly full ass in Cowboy cheerleader hot pants and Anike’s /sweet/">sweet little butt in dark blue stretch designer jeans on the same stage was eye candy for everyone, but so were Stacey and Stephanie’s bums on the next stage. Since all four girls started on their first horses at about the same time, all leaning deep into their animal’s nether region, the four asses were there for everyone to enjoy together. Stephanie’s extensive prior work with horses afforded her a level of ease the other girls didn’t have. But all four worked well.

While all this was going on, several girls, including JoAnne, Nadine and Xeina, had been trying out and practicing on the oral toilet devices, mostly to get their timing down. It was one thing for a girl to swallow piss while kneeling upright. But swallowing piss and #$%@ while on her back was quite another. Poor Xeina ended up in a device where the lock got stuck, and she had to stay there, on her back, for a full 6 hours until the guy who could bypass the lock and release her was free. The scariest moment for her was when this huge, /fat/fat-guy/">fat guy (well over 400 pounds) sat down on the seat above her. He was so huge, his folds of fat flowed over the seat, blocking out all the light. Xeina felt quite claustrophobic, but was reassured that the seat had been designed and tested to withhold 800 pounds, so she breathed a little easier. It turns out that Mr. Big took more than 10 minutes to release. But finally Xeina sensed something warm touch her upper lip (remember that it was too dark for her to see), and instinctively opened her mouth as wide as she could. It was a good thing too, because the log was huge.

JoAnne and Nadine also had fun trying out the newly-erected devices, both practicing for about 3 hours before leaving to watch the Best Cocksucker event. As they left the toilet trials area, they passed a concession booth that, instead of traditional hotdogs, was selling ’logs on a bun’, with cum instead of catsup as the choice condiment in bottles on a side table. They particularly noticed a couple of young women in sexy designer jeans already enjoying theirs.

’How are they?’ Nadine asked the blonde.

’A bit messy,’ the girl answered, licking her fingers. ’But they’re great!’ And then she stuffed the bun and its contents into her mouth for another big bite. ’Hmmmmm!’ she purred, ecstatically.

Jo and Nadine considered getting one too, because they certainly looked tasty. But they saw that the line-up of girls waiting for them was as long as the line-up of guys waiting to use the men’s bathroom right behind the booth; so they continued on their way. Maybe later.

By the time Jo and Nadine arrived back at the Best Cock-sucker Arena, Stephanie, Stacey, Kelly and Anike were all more than two-thirds way through their line-ups. And the competition remained fierce. Stephanie’s experience with horses was beginning to reap rewards, however, as she continued to look calm and confident under the beast she now resided under, whereas all the other three girls looked a bit tired. It was hard work to stretch your mouth that wide for so long. Even Kim, who was currently servicing a kindly, much-older man that Kim’s mom had blown in the stands earlier but joked ’but wait until you try my daughter’, was feeling a bit more confident for her teammate.

’Hmm hmmmm!’ she cheered.

Stephanie, meanwhile, was just enjoying her newest horse, a beautiful, big stallion that was all white except for the part she was working on, which was mostly black and bright pink. And everyone one else was thoroughly enjoying watching her, ESPECIALLY her nice ass in those white pants. Man! Those pants and her underlying panty-line looked sweet on her!

The four girls finished their programmes within a minute of each other, and the last few minutes were quite a show. Unlike many of the girls who’d gone before them, and especially those on the first day of the long programmes, they didn’t show exhaustion OR, alternatively, quicken their pace just so they could finish. They made a point of looking as super /sensual/">sensual and sexy as they could from the moment they started on their last dog, carrying this heightened artistry into their second to last group of three, then onto their last horse, and finally into their last trio. They all had timed things so that, if anything, they were able to slow down over this last stretch, to really let their big beautiful eyes scan the cameras and judges, their lovely asses swaying enticingly, and their mouths sliding to and fro so calmly, so gently, so erotically... as if they could, and wanted to, do this forever.

It was beautiful.

Kim’s dad was so taken in by all of this that, as soon as her mouth was free, he stepped forward, grabbed her hair and drove his cock all the way into her throat and held it there, totally forgetting himself, for over 15 minutes, while poor Kim gagged and sputtered and, ultimately, even tried pushing away several times just to catch her breath. But Dad’s hands were just too strong, and Mom was just laughing too hard... so Kim finally gave up, and resigned herself to watching Stephanie as best she could.

Gurgling was the best cheer Kim now could muster (which, again, made her mom and everyone else laugh).

Stephanie DID, in fact, top 98.0%, reaping a well-deserved 98.5% score, to Kelly and Anike’s 98.3%, and Stacey’s 98.2%. As Kim rose up from her father’s feet, she knew that St. George’s medal fate now rested in her and Brooke’s mouths; and that she, herself, would be expected to set the pace.

As Kim dropped to her knees, she felt confident however. Not only had she sucked so many thousands of men over the past 8 months; not only had she practiced so long and hard in the stables; but she had added a special element into her routine that she felt sure would impress.

As it turns out, Kim and Brooke were on different stages, with Kim paired up with the Swedish girl Hanna, and Brooke with a /girl/japanese-girl/">japanese girl named Miku. Miku wore a traditional Japanese school uniform ’ a white blouse, short dark blue pleated skirt, white nylon panties, white socks and black school shoes, with a light blue school kerchief tied around her neck. Brooke wore her blue and green school sweater with tight white shorts and black heels; and Hanna wore the Swedish team’s light blue and yellow sweater, the same design of navy blue stretch jeans that Anike had worn, and black heels. As the four girls waited quietly on their knees, the crowd watched breathlessly. In a minute, they would be watching the four best young (Junior) cock-suckers in the competition, and maybe the world. Surely, every one of them would go on to amazing careers as prostitutes, porn stars or (most likely) both.

Kim and Brooke’s parents now sat together, up in the front row where they could see their daughters up close. Both moms absently sucked on strange cocks that had been shoved into their mouths; but their eyes were totally on their daughters up on stage. Katie and Stephanie also were with them, with Katie on her knees blowing Kim’s dad and another man, and Stephanie kneeling to blow Brooke’s dad and two others. All eyes watched six men mount each stage, with three going to each girl; with tended horses waiting just off-stage. Soon, everyone was in position. Kim, Hanna, Brooke and Miku smiled and chatted quietly with their men. But there was excitement in the air.

There was no gun that went off to signal that they start. This wasn’t a race, but more like the artistic performance of figure skating. And so the signal for the girls to start was music. As soon as the four girls heard it, they kneeled upright to take a cock into each hand while leaning forward to take the middle one into their mouth. All four girls worked sensuously... it was no secret how they had ended up being the top four. Kim, in her tight pin-striped pants, looked amazing... but so did the other girls. All four handled three cocks with ease. And all four had considerable experience with both horses and dogs. How would any one of them rise to the top?

Kim had already decided what she needed to do, and confided in her mom, who thought it was a wonderful idea. Just like it was when the first male figure skater attempted a quadruple spin, up from the triples everyone had grown used to, she felt that she needed to up the level of difficulty a little bit. And so it was that, when Kim swallowed the last of her first three loads, TWO horses, and not just one, were brought up to her. At first, some thought the other one was for Hanna... but no. There was a third horse that would be brought to her momentarily. These first two horses were brought, one to either side of the /blonde/gorgeous-blonde/">gorgeous blonde schoolgirl, and soon she was leaning in to manage one with her mouth while stroking the other with her hand. And then she switched. Just as the girls had alternated their mouths between three males, Kim now was alternating between the two horses. Fortunately for everyone, the Olympic organizers had foreseen the potential difficulty of having Kim hidden from view... so they’d arranged for her horses to be particularly tall. Hence, Kim was clearly visible as she kneeled between them. In fact, because she kneeled in the middle between them, she had to turn her head a little more to each side than most girls had to, making it that much easier to take very flattering pictures of her face as she worked the two beasts. One big question on everyone’s mind was if she was going to be able to get the two horses to shoot within the same time-span as the other girls with one horse, and close together so one horse didn’t get restless. But Kim had been practicing on two horses at a time in the stables for months, so they needn’t have worried. Kim swallowed her second huge offering several seconds before her stage-peer, so that her first two horses were led away and her second group of three men moved into place just as Hanna was finishing up. It was perfect.

People now wondered if Kim would return to a single horse the next time... but realized that she probably would not when they saw three horses moved into position as soon as Kim and Hanna finished with their first dogs and welcomed their third group of three men. And, sure enough, when Kim swallowed the ninth of her human loads, two horses again were moved into position for the girl to satisfy. Suffice it to say that the judges were duly impressed, all nodding their approval... and some even clapping quietly. This young Kim Henry was clearly destined for greatness!

Unlike sports like figure skating or gymnastics, where judges remained in their seat, it was entirely permissible, and even expected that judges would get up and wander so they could see the girls from all different angles and distances. They even could use cameras. But Kim’s mom could barely control her excitement at all the attention her daughter was getting as she worked her second pair of horses. Not that the other three girls were neglected; but Kim clearly was drawing far more than her share of interest. And after she swallowed her two equine loads, Kim found herself surrounded not by three cocks, but five... including two of the three male judges. Kim happily latched on and worked them all, the men helping her by switching positions from time to time so she didn’t have to turn her head so far to reach the two men behind her. Even blowing five, she managed to finish up just a couple of minutes behind the other three girls. And because she was so comfortable with dogs, she had no worries at all about catching up. In fact, when a huge Rottweiler was brought onto the stage for her, she became more determined than ever to really enjoy him. As his front paws were hoisted onto her back, she opened her mouth hungrily, her eyes briefly glancing over towards her parents, who continued to beam with undeniable pride.

A little lost in all the shuffle was Brooke, but she was doing well too. Her short shorts looked so good on her, it was inevitable that, within seconds of her finishing her long program, she’d have her shorts pulled down to her knees, a cock up her ass and another down her throat to begin at least a couple of hours of ass-to-mouth. She knew this, and looked forward to it. As much as she enjoyed competition, it would be fun to just relax and open her throat to let the men, like the dogs, do all the work for awhile. Besides, like most of the girls, she loved the sensation of having one cock shoved down her throat at the same time as another was shoved up her ass. And the thought of accepting a wwwxxx cock straight from her or anyone else’s ass into her own mouth was always appealing.

Hanna and Miku also were doing well. Like all /japanese/japanese-girls/pretty-japanese-girls/">pretty japanese girls, Muki was used to bukkake... so having three cocks to suck was more like a snack than a meal. And Hanna, being a delectably beautiful Swedish blonde, also had been sandwiched many times between as many as ten men at a time. Three was definitely no problem. Having been raised in a smaller town in Sweden, she also was used to horses, and later would kick herself for not having thought of doing two at a time, like Kim. Nonetheless, the dark blue stretch jeans she wore rendered her ass scrumptious, and she knew exactly how to move it to make it as sensual as possible.

All the girls were pros at erotically moving their asses, especially as they leaned into their dogs. Miku had artfully hoisted her skirt up to reveal her white panties; and, of course, the other three girls’ pants had been chosen to optimize the sensuality of their tight little behinds.

Hanna was the tallest and most full-figured; though even she would be considered slim. In essence, as cute as Anika was, Hanna was a fox. Miku was the cutie in this group; with Brooke more the sassy girl and Kim the sweet but conservative girl next door. Every taste was satisfied watching these four lovelies having their mouths and throats violated for two plus hours, non-stop.

By the time Kim started on her last pair of horses, she was the clear fan favourite, as much as the other three were adored too. It was as Kim’s two horses were brought into place that the first fans started to stand. And soon, everyone was standing as the four girls worked their final four (in Kim’s case, five) dicks to the finish.

These four amazing girls finished swallowing their final load of cum within 15 seconds of each other, and all with less than 30 seconds to spare. As soon as the final girl leaned back against her shoes to do her final ’official’ swallow, there was a rush of fans onto the stage to put the girls’ mouths back to work. As predicted, both Brooke and Miku ended up with cocks in their mouth and ass. And Kim and Hanna ended up sucking several cocks straight out of those two asses as the judges deliberated.

The gold medal went as predicted... to Kim, whose final score was an amazing 99.4%; only JoAnne would ever be able to match that score. Hanna the wwwxxx scored 98.8% in her long program to win the silver, and Brooke scored 98.5% to take bronze. And, as for the team competition, it was St. George’s the gold, the Swedes the silver, and Kelly and the three other Dallas cheerleaders the bronze. That night, the St. George’s girls would all celebrate by working the streets, with the Swedes and the Dallas girls joining them on what would forever more be known as Champions Corner downtown. Kim would have the extreme honour of working alongside the famous JoAnne herself, when a huge white limousine pulled up and the black driver asked for ’that blonde high-school slut named Kim.’ Climbing into the back, Kim immediately noticed another blonde on her knees working over two other black men, and recognized her immediately. She and JoAnne never got to chat much, because there were two more black men sitting in the back seat, opposite but slightly staggered from the others, and their humungous cocks already were waiting for her. The best Kim could do was kneel right next to JoAnne, facing the other way, and dive into her own work. Every so often, after all four guys had shot their loads, the car would pull over and four more black men would climb in. It turns out that, between them, Kim and Jo blew an entire semi-professional football team, from Seattle, which had travelled up specifically to gang-fuck these two horny blondes’ mouths.

But that was later. Now, just before leaving the Olympic grounds, all three teams (from St. George’s, Dallas and Sweden) stopped to enjoy a quick meal. Of course, they ALL wanted a log on a bun. Sexy Ms. Anderson, still in her black bra, panties, heels, collar and wrist shackles, had to be fed her supper... and they playfully force fed her two. But she enjoyed them thoroughly, nonetheless.

Incidentally, the /blonde/sexy-blonde/">sexy blonde in designer jeans they’d spoken to before as she enjoyed her ’log on a bun’, and her brunette friend, still were in the area; and Kim waved at them. But both girls were far too busy blowing three guys at a time, just outside the men’s bathroom, to notice Kim. Kim smiled as she passed the long line-up of guys waiting to use the mouths of this blonde and brunette... they’d surely be on their knees all night, and she was happy for them.

The next day, those same two girls (whose names Kim later found out were Taylor and Jessica) would still be at it in the very same spot, with the line of men awaiting each mouth longer than ever and absolutely NO end in sight. Kim, Brooke and Ms. Anderson would all be buckled in for the Oral Toilet Sprints, and they knew they’d have fun with that. And then they’d be off to watch the Intermediate Best Cock-suckers, with all eyes especially on Natalie Snow and those sexy newcomers, Xeina and Kelly; who, like them, would also be in the Oral Toilet Sprints. It was the making of another amazing day!