My first time 26

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My first time 26

My ex-boyfriend, well he was kinda something else but thats not for here right now. He asked me if I ever masturbated and I said yes. He asked me if i ever came and I said i did. I did not know what that meant though.

Not until my /dad/mom-dad/dad-and-mom/">dad and mom left the house and it was just me. I had this neck massager, and you could take the massager out. It was small and had a sorta hard edge. I turned it on and layed on my bed. I had my /underwear/">underwear on and was rubbing it back and forth while it was vibrating full speed. After about 10 minutes of this. I felt this extremely milf porn videos wonderful sensation.

Oh gosh it wonderful. I absolutely loved it. It felt soo great. Not long after that, i did it again. I was 18 then, now i am 19, and am even better at it. I am still a virgin, but thanks to my ex-boyfriend i have experienced an orgasm. He is blowjob porn videos the one who gave me the idea of using a /vibrator/">vibrator. It felt soo great, and I would gladly repay him for helping me experience my first orgasm.

I would love to have phone sex, sooo if you want to then please email me or something.