Sages Conquest Pt 3 Ryes Revenge

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Sages Conquest Pt 3 Ryes Revenge

?Well, what do you want me to say, Marlie? What do you want me to say? It?s fine? It?s OKAY that you slept with my boyfriend??

?I didn?t mean for it to happen. It just?did.? It was a weak explanation even to her ears I could tell as she winced. It made me want to lunge at her, and part of me said yes. The other part reasoned that I never loved Louis, never would. So, why does this bother me so much, I wondered long after I ended the conversation. Why does a person I don?t care about sleeping with another person I don?t care about have me ready to throw punches? I?ve only known Marlie for a few months. We got along alright. We /hung/">hung out a couple of times. It wasn?t any big deal. It wasn?t as if we were best friends. I snorted at the idea. Best friends. I stopped believing in those a long time ago.

?So, what do you think I should do,? I asked later in my ?half-sister?s? bedroom. I hate the word ?half-sister.? How can anyone be half of a sibling? Anyways, I know her in and out, as much as she knows me. Sage - my go-to girl.
?What can you do??
?I know, I know. They?re already cut, but I mean?what can I do? He deserves to have his life blown apart.?
?Rye, come on. He kicked your pride?s ass, okay? It doesn?t mean you don?t have any dignity. If you go postal and start setting things up, people are going to find out and think you?re /crazy/">crazy, crazy, crazy. It?s not worth it. He?s not worth it.? 

?Please. You know me. If I can pull off any lie, I can pull off this. All we have to do is come up with the right plan. We could even get Tammy for starting the school up about you and Mr. Drake. It?ll be fun,? I said, trying to tempt her. I knew this would be icing on an extremely large cake. Tammy had been around the school for a week telling any and everybody that she thought Mr. Drake and Sage were sleeping together. Having to take the rumors seriously, even if there was no proof, they were both called into alain lyle porn the office yesterday. They played it off perfectly. Principal Kennel bought it, but it didn?t mean that Sage wasn?t pissed about this.

She laughed now, walking to her dresser in her towel to pick something out for her ?date? with Armand tonight. He?d be picking her up in fifteen minutes, and I?d keep him company until she was done as with all of their recent ?dates? with him. Slipping on a piece of lingerie, Sage offered, ?Do you want me to go out and get you something to drink??
?No thanks. I?m going to go for a jog and then just veg out.? I looked back at her dresser full of lingerie. It was amazing to me how much money she spent to make sure she had a different sexy number for every time she spent with a man, even more so that I followed her suit after a while. I waited for her to decide whether or not she?d be in on wrecking Louis. Sage put on a denim mini skirt, baby pink tank top and white heels.

?How do I look??
?Stupid. I don?t see why you get dressed if you?re not going to go anywhere,? I called while I grabbed my Zune and walked to the door to let Armand in. ?Hey,? I said, flashing him a bright smile.
?What?s good??
?Nothing. Hey, I?ll be right back.? I walked, almost ran to Sage?s bedroom. ?I have the perfect idea. Please say you?ll go along with it,? I started quickly. ?So, Tammy has everyone thinking you?re sleeping with Mr. Drake. Marlie slept with Louis. So, what if we catch them both on tape having sex and then spread it around the school? We could hit the most popular kid in every group: the main jock, brain, cheerleader, band geek, artist, whatever. It could be with say?two or three guys. All we?d have to do is figure out how to get them to do it.?
Sage snorted. ?How are you going to get them to do it? It?s not as if you can go up to them and say ?hey, you should really try a threesome.? It just wouldn?t work, Hun. And why would you think any of them would go for foursomes? That?s a little out there.?

?How many innocent looking girls do we hear gave the football or baseball team head? And I?m not just talking rumors. indian santali xvideo A lot of these girls didn?t mind admitting it to a ?friend? who ended up telling everyone else. Besides, they could have a threesome. Shit, I would.?

Sighing, Sage pulled off the skirt, instead pulling on some jeans. ?Okay.? I smothered her in a hug. She shook her head and followed me to the kitchen to devise a plan with Armand, who could offer a guy?s perspective on what would and wouldn?twork.