The other Third Wheel

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The other Third Wheel

Being a third wheel is no fun, unless of course there is another third wheel along. This was just the case one night my Junior year of high school. My brother was going to the movies with his /girlfriend/">girlfriend, Sasha and her friend Sharese. My brother came to me that night and asked me if I would be willing to go to occupy Sharese so him and Sasha could have their private time. I obliged one because I had nothing to do that night and two because even though she was two years younger than me I always wanted a shot at getting with her and this seemed like the best way there.

When we arrived at the movies they were standing out front. Sasha was a skinny short girl with a petite body. She had great blue eyes and long brown hair. Standing next to her was Sharese. She was a little taller then Sasha who stood at 53" and she was wearing her customary zip-up sweater and jeans that clung to her legs and showed off a /ass/nice-ass/">nice ass. She had the most intense light brown almost gold colored eyes and dark brown hair.
?Hey guys.? Sasha said going up to Kasi and kissing him
?Hey,? I said to Sharese as we stood there awkwardly. ?I guess we?re on our own tonight huh??
?Yeah but that?s not a /bad/">bad thing.? she said smiling, ?I mean we haven?t had a chance to hang out in a while.?
?Oh yeah.? I said mildly disappointed she didn?t tell me she wanted me right there.

We went into the movie theater and sat in the back row. I was in the aisle and Sharese had sat next to me. She had the popcorn in her lap and at a particularly slow part of the movie I reached over for a handful and ?missed? the bucket and my hand found its way to her crotch area. I got a quick hard rub of her slit and pulled away quickly as she gasped and threw up a good deal of the popcorn onto the ground.
?Oh shit I?m sorry.? I whispered horribly
?Its. Its ok. Just shocked me dude.? she said smiling at me and laughing it off. I gave an inward sigh of relief seeing that she didn?t totally hate me after that move. The rest of the movie went by uneventfully just her brushing my hand with hers occasionally when I got a handful of popcorn.
When the movie was done we walked into the lobby and Sasha said, ?You guys wanna go to my place and hang out for a while??
?Oh I can?t I?m supposed to be home by eleven and it?s already ten thirty so...?
?I can give you a ride home.? I piped in hoping to get some alone time with her.
?Ok so then I don?t have to call my parents to come,? Sharese agreed.
?Ok then I guess Kasi and me can walk to my place its just a few blocks down then you can come and pick him up when you?re done.? Sasha said.

We all agreed this was the best plan of attack and went our separate ways. We got into my car which was sort of a clunker and headed out to her house which was out of town.
?Hey Celwin thanks for the ride it really means a lot to me.? Sharese said breaking the steady hum of the engine and Ghostface Killah.
?Yeah anytime.? I said, ?I just feel kinda bad about what happened earlier this evening.?
?Oh don?t worry about it.? she said giving my arm a playful punch, ?I didn?t really mind anyway. How did you like the movie??
From then on the conversation was about movies and music but I wasn?t into it like I usually am whenever somebody gets me started on music. All I could think about was her saying she didn?t really mind. What did that mean? Did she want me? Could I make another move?
When I pulled into her driveway she asked, ?Would you like to come in for something to drink or something really quick??
?Sure,? I replied turning off my car and walking into her house.
?Just go to the living room, make yourself comfortable.? she said taking off her jacket and walking to the kitchen.
I walked into her living room and sat on the couch. I sank in and turned on the television. While I was flipping through the channels she walked in with two glasses of Coke. She sat by me and took control of the remote. She changed it to a late episode of Wild Things on some channel.
We watched in silence until the sex scene and Sharese reached over and kissed me. She slipped her tongue in my mouth and I quickly pushed her off.
?What?? she asked alarmed, ?You didn?t want me to did you??
?No no.? I assured her, ?But what about your parents??
Her face lit up with recognition and she said, ?They?re in L.A. for the weekend I just told them that because I was hoping you would offer a ride.? she said putting her hand on my chest and leaning in to kiss me again. This time I let it happen. She pushed me lightly against the arm of the couch and lay on top of me. I could feel her 32 B tits pressed against my chest and her hands running through my hair. I let my hands wander her body. I found her ass and rubbed it felt better and more firm than I could ever have imagined. She pulled away and looked down on me her beautiful eyes filled with lust? I couldn?t place it but it was sexy.
?That touch, you did that on purpose didn?t you?? she asked
?Yeah you have no idea how long I?ve wanted you for.? I said as she started to take her blue t-shirt off leaving her in a lacy blue bra holding her tits hostage. She leaned back down and started to kiss me again. I reached around back and started to undo her bra. When it was undone I slipped the straps off her shoulders and she got up yet again to remove it completely. Her tits were good sized and firm with light /nipples/small-nipples/">small nipples. My dick sprang to attention right away and it lifted into her crotch and she jumped a little.

?Maybe we should get you into a better outfit.? she said getting off of me and telling me to stand up. I took my clothes off rapidly and soon I was standing there naked with my nine inch /erection/">erection pointing at her. My head was smooth and throbbing and all she did was stare at it. Then she said, ?That?s the biggest cock I have ever seen.? and then she got on her knees and stared up at me with my dick in her small hands. The way her eyes looked nearly made me blow my load right then but I held off and she started to suck me. She spit on it and rubbed in her saliva then went down on it with a ferocity I had never seen before. Her lips were soft and warm and she knew just how to use her tongue. She deep throated me and the way she looked with her mouth open all the way and stuffed with my cock, her neck expanded made me want to cum again but I held back I wanted to save my load for later. But she started massaging my balls and doing this swallowing thing and I couldn?t hold back. She pulled back and looked up at me and I let out a small load onto her lips. A little bit of it dribbled down her chin and onto her chest. She licked up the cum and swallowed it.
?You taste good too.? she said smiling at me.

She stood up and took off her pants revealing her shaved smooth pussy. She told me to lie down on the couch. I did and she came over to me and sat on my face. I looked up and all I could see was her shaved slit and my tongue instinctively flicked up and licked it. She gave out a low moan of approval xxx and I started to go more tenaciously. I shoved my tongue as far down her as I could and moved around while in there. I lapped at her pussy and found her clit and started to suck on it with reckless abandon.

?Ohhhh god ohhhh fuck yeah suck on my clitty.? she moaned through gritted teeth. She lowered herself farther onto my face so I went back to going deep and working from there. My tongue was starting to get tired and I went back to playing with her clit. I wrapped my tongue around it and started to move up and down her button.
?Ohhhhh god ohhhh god, fuck my clit.... ohhhh GOD IM GONNA CUM!? she screamed as a flood of her juices came down into my mouth and covered my face. I swallowed hastily and she got off of my face her legs wobbly.
?You are so good.? she said smiling at me laying on me and kissing me deeply. I felt her smoothness on my cock and I started to get hard again.
?Mmmm looks like somebody wants some attention she said looking down at my fast growing cock. ?And I think I know just what it wants.? she said backing up to it and spreading her pussy lips above it. She went down slowly trying to get used to the girth of it in her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy. She fit like a glove.

She just sat on it for a few minutes letting herself get used to having something of that size invading her vagina. Then she started to bounce. Her face contorted in pleasure she started to scream and her dogs outside started to bark wildly but soon went back to doing whatever they were doing. I slowly sat up and stood up grabbing her ass for support and I started fucking her against the wall. I used slow deliberate strokes and it worked. She was moaning and screaming in pleasure. She didn?t seem to know what to do with her hands, they roamed all over her body, rubbing her tits for a second then moving down to her clit and to my chest. She was sucking on one of her fingers to try and quiet herself when an explosive orgasm shook her body.

?Ohhh ohhh shit.? she moaned leaning forward and hugging me, my porn videos download cock still deep inside of her. I took her over to the couch and laid her down on it. I started fucking her again this time fast as I could. I grabbed her hips and fucked her pussy /raw/">raw. It was more of the same roaming hand thing until she rested on her clit and just rubbed it hard and fast. Her breathing became fast and shallow and I could tell she was getting on the verge and I was ready to explode. I gave one or two more hard thrusts and she came again. I pulled my dick out of her and looked at shining with her juices. She looked at it for a second and started rubbing it fast and hard, she stuck out her tongue and licked the underside of my head and I blew my load all in her mouth. Some of it slid out and onto her chin and tits. She swallowed all she could and we lay there in ambience of the now blue television screen and fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning there was a lot of explaining to do to my brother and my parents but I didn?t care I had some of the most mind blowing sex with a fellow third wheel.