Forgive Me for I Have Sinned

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Forgive Me for I Have Sinned

*** This story was written as a fantasy for a married couple expecting their first child. If you are offended by submissive, but consensual, sex with a pregnant woman please don?t read on.

Dear Mark my loving husband,
First off I must tell you I love you with ever fiber of my being and what I am about to tell you does not change that.
I am sorry.
So, so sorry.

Please read the story and understand that I did not mean for this to happen. But it did and I can not take it back.
It started so simply, like everything does I suppose. It was day 3 of you being gone and I was horny as heck. As you know, 3 days is a long time for me not to feel your perfect cock inside me and being pregnant has made me even more horny than before, if that is even possible. Anyways, I was online reading up on some baby information on the baby forum when I decided to start a new thread. The thread was ?Help: I can?t stop thinking about sex. Is this normal? Beth in Brooklyn?
I check an hour later and it had already received a few responses. I bookmarked the thread for you to go and look at later if you want, but the one that started it all was:
?Hi, I have some suggestions on how to deal with this if you want. Msn me at maria69 if you want to chat sometime. Luv Maria in Brooklyn.?

Completely oblivious to what was about to happen to me, I logged in to my seldom used msn account and after four tries at my password I logged in.

Bethbunny: Hi.
Maria69: Hello.
Bethbunny: So what do you do for a living?
Maria69: I am a college student. Yourself?
Bethbunny: A college professor. What are you taking?
Maria69: Majoring in Psychology.
Bethbunny: I teach English.
Maria69: Very nice. So tell me what your problem is.
Bethbunny: Well its kinda embarrassing.
Maria69: Don?t worry, I am majoring in psych remember.
Bethbunny: Of course. Well its just that during my pregnancy I seem to be more excited than ever and my husband is reluctant to have sex with a pregnant woman.
Maria69: Well that is a shame. You tell him it is completely harmless to the baby.
Bethbunny: I would, again, but he is gone for a few days.

Maria69: I see. So I hate to be blunt, but I am a blunt person, are you horny right now?
Bethbunny: Yes. I am pretty much always horny the past month.
Maria69: How far along are you?
Bethbunny: Almost 6 months.
Maria69: Well that makes sense. Many, many women see a rush of sexual energy near the end of the second trimester and start of the third.
Bethbunny: Well that makes me feel better.
Maria69: That said, it is important that get what you need.
Bethbunny: Well hat seems impossible right now.
Maria69: Is it?
Bethbunny: Well my hubby is a thousand miles away.
Maria69: So true. Wait a second ok sugar.
Bethbunny: Sure.
I waited a minute until I received an attachment. xxx sex video download free com I clicked on it and saw a picture of a nine inch stiff cock. I sat there stunned.
Maria69: U like?
Again I paused, now honey your cock is great, but this cock had me hypnotized. I wanted it right then and there. Of course, at that time I did not know that cock was a twenty minute drive away. After regaining my senses I responded.
Bethbunny: It is quite impressive.

Maria69: Yes it is and he really knows how to use it.
Bethbunny: Your boyfriend/husband?
Maria69: Fianc? actually.
Bethbunny: Lucky you.
Maria69: Do you want to be lucky too?
Bethbunny: ???
Maria69: Send me a picture of you.
Bethbunny: Um?
Maria69: Now.
Being told what to do both offended me and turned me on. I eventually thought what the heck and sent her a picture of me in the red dress. Sexy, but not dirty.
Maria69: You are very pretty. Do you have a webcam?
Bethbunny: Yes.
Maria69:Me too. Set yours up and lets make this a bit more fun.
Bethbunny: Ok.
When her image came up I was surprised. This girl was about 23 and beautiful. She had blonde hair, blue eyes and was completely perfect.
I said, ?Wow, you are very pretty.?
Maria smiled ?Thanks, you are quite attractive yourself. You are radiant.?
I blushed, ?Thanks.?
Maria looked me straight in my eye, as if she was right there live and said coyly, ?Now if you want, I can help you deal with your problem.?
Slightly perplexed I queried, ?How??
Maria smiled and asked ?Do you have any toys??
?Don?t we all?? I responded, trying to respond nonchalantly.

?Go get one,? she demanded. As I attempted to process this turn of events, I paused. Maria slightly impatient demanded ?Now.? I stood up and went to my dresser and found my only toy, a slim silver vibrator.
Maris shrugged, ?Not bad, but you may need some new toys.?
I smiled agreeingly ?Agreed.?
Maria, her eyes never leaving mine asked, ?Do you watch porn??
I responded cavalierly ?I have.?
With a smirk on her face, Maria asked ?Ever watched any live sex??
?Um, no.?
?Want to?? she asked innocently. I did not say anything, attempting to process this new development when she added ?The redness in your cheeks says yes.?
Maria then whistled and in the camera view was the same delicious cock from the picture. Without any warning, Maria simply took the stiff hard missile in her mouth. I was stunned, but my eyes did not avert the scene. Maria bobbed up and down fast and furious and then stopped and looked straight at me. She smiled a devilish seductive smile (if that makes any sense). ?Cock got your tongue??
I stuttered, ?Um, I??
Maria smiled and said, ?Did watching me suck my man?s cock get you hot??
?Yes,? I replied.
?Grab your toy,? Maria instructed. I obeyed. ?Now I want you to fuck yourself as you watch me take this cock in my pussy.? She paused. ?Do you want to watch me get fucked??
?OK, back up a bit, I want to see you play with your pussy before you fuck yourself.?

Here was the moment where I could have stopped it. I could have said no. I could have shut off the camera. I could have just walked away. Instead, I slid off my jeans, pulled off my panties and opened my legs. My hand began gently rubbing my clit as I watched Maria be penetrated from behind. The man, whose head I still could not see, thrusted his stiff rod into Maria?s eager pussy. Maria bounced back on the cock, taking all nine inches. I began to rub faster as Maria screamed, ?Oh yeah, Dave, fuck me, pound my cunt.? She looked at me again, ?Hey Beth baby, if watching this is getting you wet, fuck yourself with that toy.?
I did not even hesitate as I plunged the slim toy inside me. I wished, badly, that Dave?s cock was the one thrusting in me instead of this puny toy. Maria moaned, ?Oh yes Dave, harder, harder.? I moved my toy in and out faster, trying to time my thrusts with theirs. I began moaning and Maria said, ?That?s it Beth, fuck yourself. Tell me Beth what are you fantasying about right now??
?You sure you want to know?? I asked with a moan escaping my lips.

?Tell me,? she demanded. When I didn?t respond, she demanded ?Stop fucking yourself.? I obeyed without even realizing it. ?/good/good-girl/">good girl,? she continued, ?Now tell me exactly what you are thinking about.?
?Your fianc?s cock,? I replied quietly.
?Doing what,? she asked as she grunted from the deep thrusts of her man.
?Fucking me,? I reluctantly respond.
Maria smiled, ?You are fantasizing about my fianc?s cock fucking your pregnant cunt, is that what you are telling me.?
?Yes,? I whispered, quite humiliated.
?Yes what, tell me exactly,? she demanded.
?I want your fianc?s cock fucking my pregnant cunt, is that what you want to hear?? I said now more frustrated than embarrassed.
Maria smiled, her demeanor completely changing to cheery, ?Well why didn?t you just say so.? She moaned and then said, ?Give me a second honey.? I then watched as she got fucked for a couple more minutes and after a clear orgasm, she dropped to her knees and engulfed his cock. After a minute of her sucking, I saw her man grab her head and start face fucking her. He grunted a few seconds later and shot his load down her throat. After his cock slid out she looked into the camera and said, ?Do you still own your wedding dress??
?Um yeah,? I replied perplexed.
?Think you would still fit in it??
?So here is what is going to happen. Tonight at 7 o?clock Dave and I are going to give you pleasure like you have never experienced.?

My stunned look must have been obvious as she continued, ?If you agree to this, you will be our submissive slave for the night. You will obey every request. If you disobey once, we will leave immediately. Do you want us to come over??
I shook my head yes. She smiled, a deliciously seductive smile, ?I thought so. Have you ever eaten pussy??
The smile got bigger, ?Excellent. I bet you are a great pussy pleaser aren?t you??
?Yes,? I whimpered.
Maria continued ?So if you want to taste my man?s long stiff cock, to taste my young delicious pussy, to be fucked by my fianc? and my strap-on and be our personal /slave/sex-slave/">sex slave, shove that slick toy into your ass.?
For the second time during this strange last hour, I could have walked away. I could have said no. Instead, I placed the silver toy and slowly slid it in my virgin ass. Maria said, ?Excellent. Turn it on high.? I did. The excessive sensation surprised me as I quivered with an intense mixture of pleasure and pain and exploded with the most intense orgasm I ever had. Maria finished by demanding ?I want you dressed in your wedding dress, white stockings and garter and nothing else. Do you understand??
?Yes,? I barely got out as I attempted to recover from my orgasm.
?Sweet,? Maria said. I gave her my address and after she blew me a kiss, she exited and I sat in my chair, exhausted, bewildered and after a brief reflection, petrified.

What had I just done? Did I really invite to complete strangers to come over and dominate me? I knew the answer, but now had no way to stop it from happening. I tried to get Maria back online to cancel, but she never came back online. As the clock ticked away, the fear slowly shifted to excitement as my pussy began to control my mind. I went and tried on my wedding dress, it fit, just barely with the zipper mostly unzipped. I knew I had no stockings, pantyhose sure, but no stockings, although I did have a garter from my wedding day. So I jumped in the car and drove to the nearby lingerie store and bought a pair of silk white stockings and a new toy, a much bigger toy. I returned home horny with my reluctance pretty much gone. At 6:00, I showered, shaved, perfumed up, did my hair, hooked on my garter, slid on each soft silk stocking and put on my wedding dress. I looked in the mirror, my belly only slightly noticeable, I looked fucking hot. I went downstairs and waited.
At 6:55 I started to get nervous again.
At 6:58 I decided I was not doing this.
At 6:59 I reconsidered.
At 7:00 I sat and waited.
At 7:03 I began wondering where they were.
At 7:05 I began to get disappointed realizing they were not coming.
At 7:07 the doorbell rang.
I walked to the door, took a deep breath, knowing I was about to cheat on you, about to break my wedding vows, ironically while in my wedding dress. I could lie and say I briefly reconsidered, felt slightly guilty, but I didn?t. All I wanted was to feel his massive prick in me; to taste her ripe juicy pussy. I opened the door.
I welcomed them; Dave had a bottle of wine in his hand, while Maria had a duffle bag which I assumed, correctly, had a variety of toys in it. It seemed completely surreal. Me in my wedding dress; Maria in a red skirt, black stockings and a thin white blouse; Dave in jeans and a white t-shirt, very James Dean. I should note he also had blue eyes and short blonde hair. His muscles were clearly showcased by the tight shirt.
Maria asked, after some generically awkward chit chat, if I have ever been with a woman before.

I expected such a question and although my experiences are limited, they did foreshadow what was about to happen tonight. I told Maria and Dave ?After I ended a long-term relationship in college my self-esteem was quite poor. I joined a women?s group and made friends with a lovely woman named Gabrielle. She was about 10 years older than me and very sophisticated, she had her own flat with sauna in the bathroom, which impressed me no end. After a night out with the womens group, she invited a group of us back to her house and I ended up being the last one there. We had drunk a lot of wine, and she got me talking about how unhappy I was. She spent a long time telling me how great I was, eventually her hand fell on my lap. She leaned in close and whispered that she found me sexy. I don?t know if it was the wine, my low self-esteem, how attractive Gabrielle was or all the above, but I allowed her to lead me to her bedroom, where she laid me gently on her big bed and slowly undressed me. Having only ever kissed and flirted with girlfriends before, I was pretty nervous but she brought me to my first /orgasm/real-orgasm/">real orgasm, I realized, when she pleasured my body with caressing, kissing, nibbling and finally pleasing my pussy in a way I did not know existed. I returned the favor awkwardly, although she said I did great. We got together a few times, but I eventually met Mark and ended my lesbian trysts. Since then I have had limited action with females, always with my husband around at a local /swinger/swingers-club/">swingers club. Here usually we watched others, I enjoyed the odd glory hole, and lots of fondling, kissing and teasing. I have eaten out a couple women at the club, but no serious swinging action of yet. Mark and I always talk about it, but always end up whimping out when the time to swing actually occurs.?

Maria satisfied with my response, walked over to me and simply kissed me. It started gentle and tender. Our tongues twisted inside each other?s mouth. When Maria broke the kiss, she looked in my eyes and said, ?Beth,? she said, ?Take off my shoes for me.?
Although this surprised me, I slid to the floor and unbuckled her three inch heels. I didn?t move, just awaited instructions. She then lifted up her right foot and requested, ?Beth, lick the soles of my feet through my stockings.? I obeyed and licked the sweet sweat from her soles and then surprised her a bit my taking each toe into my mouth as best as I could through the sheer nylon. She then replaced her right foot with her left and I repeated the slow pleasing. She then pulled me up and kissed me passionately again. When she broke the kiss this time she asked, ?Are you ready to please me??
I looked straight into her eyes and whimpered, ?Yes.?
?Undress me,? she commanded.
I slowly, slightly nervously, unbuttoned her blouse. My hands shook, barely noticeably, as each button was undone. After I took the blouse off her, I went behind and unzipped the back of her skirt and let it drop to the floor. I was then looking at this perfect body in her black lace bra, thong and stockings. I moved my hand to her bra and unclasped it. Her still firm and ripe breasts did not drop at all as her bra hit the floor. I then went and slipped her thong off as well. Just as I was about to get up, Maria demanded, ?Honey, lick my ass.?
This was a bit of a shock, but I was too far gone to even consider that this is something I never would ever do. I kissed her butt cheeks, avoiding her anal entrance, until she demanded ?Slut, spread my cheeks and get your tongue in there. /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass with your tongue.? Obeying, I pulled apart her /perfect/perfect-ass/">perfect ass and begin the most sexually degrading act I had ever been involved in. Slightly sweaty, yet strangely sweet, I licked the entrance of her puckered asshole; finally, I pushed my tongue in her asshole and attempted to lick it. Maybe it was the hormones or maybe the submissiveness or maybe the humiliation of it all, but my pussy was drenched. This went on for a few minutes until Maria moved away and said, ?Good job slut.?
I didn?t say a word until Maria asked, ?How did my asshole taste??

I had no idea how to describe it as I attempted to explain, ?It was surprisingly good.?
?Are you wet right now?? she asked.
?Very,? I responded.
?So licking a stranger?s asshole turned you on??
?Yes,? I replied suddenly embarrassed by the sudden stark /reality/">reality of what just occurred and how it id indeed turn me on.
Maria continued, ?So Beth, what do you want my fianc? to do to you??
I stammered, ?I-I-I-I want him to f-f-fuck me.?
Maria smiled, ?What are you willing to do to have his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock in you??
?Anything,? I responded, confident that I indeed would do anything.
?Go undress him. Take your time,? she instructed.

This I eagerly did. I moved up to him and he kissed me. His kiss had my knees buckling as he kissed me with such tenderness that I never wanted it to end. When he broke the kiss, I slid my hand up and down his strong built arms and then pulled, with his help, the shirt off him. I then kissed his nipples, lightly biting, while my tongue teased him. He whimpered, clearly excited by my tongue. My tongue slid down his perfect abs as I reached his jeans. I undid his belt, popped open his button, slid down his zipper and slowly slid the jeans down his legs. As I went back up to get his underwear, I put my mouth on his already hard cock bulging through the underwear. I breathed hard through his underwear and then pulled off his underwear, releasing the snake that was going to cause me to sin. It was so appetizing, so delicious, that without instruction, I took it in my mouth. After a minute of slow sucking, Dave pulled his cock out of my mouth and teased me. He moved it around my eager lips. He tapped my nose with his massive erection. He slid it in my mouth and then back out. This teasing made me all the more eager to please him, to devour him whole. He allowed me to suck his penis for a few more minutes only giving the odd grunt and moan.

Maria finally broke the lengthy blow job scene by demanding me to crawl over to her. I looked at her on the couch, her legs spread wide open. I reluctantly, yet also excitingly, crawled over to her, which was awkward in a wedding dress. I got to her and kissed her thigh, as I went to move to the other thigh; she grabbed my head and pulled me into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy and said, ?Eat my cunt bitch.? Not needing any more instructions I began licking her clit, my finger probed her cunt and slowly slid my finger in and out. As I pleased this young beauty, I felt Dave from behind pulling my wedding dress apart, assumingly trying to get access to my desperate cunt. As I continued to lap on the delicious shaved vagina, the anticipation of feeling Dave?s massive cock penetrate me had me nearly delirious. Eventually I felt his cock at the entrance of my pussy but he just sat there, his cockhead just lightly touching my pussy lips. Maria, lifted my head up, and said, ?Beg to be fucked.?

I begged ?Oh Dave, please plug my drenched pussy with your massive cock. Fuck me hard and fast as I eat your fianc?s pussy.? Dave thrust all the way in and I was full in a way I could not imagine possible. The sensation was overwhelming as he began to pump in and out of my drenched cunt. The thrusts were fast, furious and deep. My first orgasm came in the first minute and a second and third followed as his pace never slowed down. Maria pulled me back into her vagina and I attempted to lick her pussy as her man hammered me from behind. My face was drenched with her juices as I pretty much face-fucked her by the sheer force of Dave?s fast paced drilling. After Maria orgasmed all over my face, I quivered through a fourth straight orgasm and collapsed onto the ground.
As I attempted to recover, Maria asked if I was hungry. I joked that I hadn?t stopped eating all night as Maria ordered a couple pizzas. My dress was a mess, so I slid it off and went and grabbed a couple robes. Dave put his jeans back on and we just sat back and chit chatted about life. It seemed so surreal, I just got fucked by her fianc? and ate her out and now we were talking about shopping, music, work and what we may name the baby. Not surprisingly Maria suggested Maria as a girl?s name. When the doorbell rang, I went and got the door.
Maria called, ?Bring the pizza guy in here.?

I brought him in, oblivious to her devious plan. Maria continued, ?Wow, you are pretty hot delivery boy.?
Maria looked at me and demanded ?Beth. Take off your robe.?
I hesitated, Maria repeated, ?Take off your robe now slut.? Her tone was powerful and fearing disobeying her or her leaving, I dropped the robe to the ground. Now naked, except for my garter and stockings, for the college aged delivery boy.
She purred like a kitten, ?Good slave.? She then looked at the delivery boy who was starring at my naked pregnant body and asked, ?For your tip you can have the traditional twenty percent or you can have a blow job from my pregnant little slave. Which do you want??
The boy clearly trying to figure out if this was real said nothing. Maria snapped her fingers and said, ?Beth, why don?t you tell him how much you want to suck his cock.?
I let out a small sigh, but said, ?Pleas let me suck your cock, I want a load of your salty cum as an appetizer.? I walked over to him, unbuckled his belt, slid down his pants, pulled out his already rock hard six inch cock and began sucking. As soon as I began it was important to me that I make this the best blow job of his life. I bobbed up and down, I pulled out and licked just around his thick head, I slid my tongue down his cock and took each ball into my mouth. I slid back up and looked straight into his bewildered yet excited eyes and said, ?Do you want to shoot your load in my mouth??
?Yes maam,? he squeaked.

I grabbed his cock and engulfed it whole. Savagely taking it in and out; the accelerated speed of my cock-sucking was too much for him and he grunted ?I?m cumming? as he sprayed an extensive amount of hot semen down my throat. Even as the last traces were released I kept sucking, slowing down, slower and slower, savoring every last drop of his seed. As I finally released his slightly limp cock from my mouth, he stuttered ?T-t-thanks.?
I smiled, ?Anytime stud,? and got up and grabbed my robe. Maria paid him for the pizza and kissed him hard on the mouth before sending him out.
We ate in silence, me assuming the night was coming to an end, and me again being incredibly, incredibly, did I mention, incredibly wrong. Beth stood up, stretched and walked over to her duffle bag, and pulled out a strap-on cock. She walked over to me, took off my robe and hooked the 5 inch strap-on cock on me. She then led me to our master bedroom, the room only you had ever fucked me in, and laid on the bed. Dave followed, already naked again, and placed his cock at his fianc?s mouth. Beth looked at me and said, ?Time for me to get fucked. Beth would you do the honors??
?I would love to,? I responded and I went between her luscious legs and slid the small strap-on into her pussy. I moved in and out slowly as I watched her suck Dave?s cock. I just kept sliding my plastic cock into this perfect sexy domineering woman, knowing that I would do this again and again if asked. After a few minutes of steady slow fucking, Maria demanded I lay on my back and she straddled my fake cock. She leaned forward, our breasts pressed together, and kissed me so sweetly, so passionately. Her tongue explored my mouth; I kissed back like an eager school girl.

It was then I felt Dave get on the bed as well and wondered what he was about to do. Before I had time to figure it out, Maria moaned into my mouth and I quickly realized that his cock was sliding in her ass. Maria broke the kiss and smiled at me as she moaned, ?Oh yeah, fuck my ass baby.? She returned to kissing me as her fianc? and I double fucked her. It was so hot, I briefly fantasized about it being me who was being dp?d. Maria breaking the kiss whispered, ?Ever had a cock in your ass slut??
I shook my head no.
?Well I guess it is time to change that for you, isn?t it?? Maria got off me and helped me take the strap-on off of me and she replaced it on her hips. She then instructed Dave to lie on the bed. I, without instructions, crawled on the bed and took his cock, just out of Maria?s ass, into my mouth and sucked him deeply.

Maria demanded, ?Ride him you sexy pregnant whore. I want to see your massive breasts bouncing up and down.? Maria watched me fuck her fiance taking all nine inches deep in me. Maria went to the bag and grabbed what I quickly realized was lube and watched her coat her rubber cock. She then walked over and pushed me forward, Dave?s cock still in my pussy. I expected to feel the tip of a plastic cock at my ass, but instead felt her hands. She gently pulled my ass cheeks apart and began licking my ass. Although surprised at first, I could not believe how nice it felt to have a tongue licking my puckered asshole. I just sat there enjoying a nine inch cock deep in me as my ass was rimmed by Maria?s tongue. This went on for a couple minutes of sweet sensations, before she got on her knees and placed the lubed fake cock at my anal entrance. She slowly pushed forward, one inch and then out; a second inch and then out. She then started sliding in and out, each time going just a little further; I leaned forward and kissed Dave, leaning on his body as the cock slowly filled my ass. The pain, although a bit extreme at first, subsided to a slight stinging and eventually mixed with a new pleasure.

Maria, now completely in my ass, said, ?You are one hot little whore Beth.? I whimpered in agreement as she then began fucking my ass, as she picked up the pace, I wanted more, so I began moving back and forth, allowing both cocks to really fuck me. This went one for only a couple minutes until Maria grabbed my waist, flipped me onto my back, and buried her face in my cunt. She slid a finger in and searched for my g-spot as she pushed her tongue hard onto my clit and nibbled while giving extreme pressure. As soon as she found my special spot it exploded an intense orgasm and I quaked and quaked, my legs squeezing her head deep into my pussy. In a perfect world I would never, ever of released her from between my legs, but as I collapsed from exhaustion, my legs opened and she moved up and leaned in for a kiss. The aroma was pure sex as I spelled and tasted my juices on her lips. This kiss was tender and ever lasting. I sexxxx video ful hd knew Maria was getting fucked again as her face and body began being pushed into me. The kissing never stopped until after Dave shot his load in her and all three of us collapsed on my bed. We laid there for awhile and eventually they got up to leave.

Maria and Dave left to get dressed and when she returned to say goodbye she said, ?Mrs. Zanders, by the way, I meant to compliment you, on her lecture on Wednesday on Hamlet.?
I sat upright, ?Y-y-you are in my class??
?Yeah in a class of 200, you would never notice me, would you? Kisses,? she shrugged as she blew me a kiss and walked out.
I sat here stunned, worried, and exhausted?and slowly drifted off into slumber.

When I woke in the morning, it actually felt like a really good dream, until I went to the kitchen and saw a note on the table that said, ?Thanks for the great time. If you are interested, and I know you will be, I am having a few people over tonight for my monthly swinger?s party. After you go back and forth on whether you are coming and decide to come, be at my house at 7:00PM (see address on attached business card), and wear your wedding dress. Luv Maria. P.S.-You will be the showcase for the evening.?
There you have it honey, please forgive me. Oh shoot, I gotta go, I only have 30 minutes to get over to Maria?s. Anyways, I will bring my cell phone with me so you can call me tonight and at least listen to me eat pussy, fuck cocks and take my first ever REAL cock in my ass (not Dave he is too big, but hopefully someone will have a smaller pecker for me).
Luv your loving wife?
P.S.-I think we should name the baby Maria.
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